85 more news portals including Prothom Alo, The Daily Star e-papers approved to register

The Information and Broadcasting Ministry yesterday approved 85 additional online news sites to be accredited.

The ministry has released their approvals via two different orders . They requested portals to finish registration within 20 days and submit the fee that are set by the government.

The news sites online are EN Prothom Alo, Prothom Alo electronic newspaper, The Daily Star online newspaper, Shongbad, Independent24, News Today, Khoborpatra, Daily Nawroj.

Of the news portals that have been approved there are 62 online versions of newspapers , and 23 are news portals that are online.

Up to November 29, 2020, the government has approved registrations on the internet for 92 daily newspapers as well as the 82 news portals online.

Applications for 2,000 more online news sites are in the process of being approved by the ministry.

On the 28th of September this year, Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) -- in order to follow an order from the High Court -- started the process of shutting down non-registered news sites and a few registered ones were shut down in the course of the process.

In the following days, the registered news portals were online again, and 14 more days were sought by the court to shut down those that were not registered.


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